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Learn more About mccTranslations and view many references in Project History. We have also included a personal English-Spanish Dictionary where you can consult thousands of technical words, phrases, sayings, idioms, etc. collected during more than 35 years of experience in translation.


User manuals, public and private tenders; technical specifications; material safety data sheet (MSDS); technical reports; technical surveys…

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Purchase and sale agreements; power of attorney; lease agreements; deed of incorporation; bylaws; minutes; birth certificates; marriage certificates, etc…

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Balance sheets; annual reports; annual consolidated accounts, etc…Transport: B/L; packing lists; certificates of origin; charter parties; survey reports, etc…

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School certificates; university diplomas; education reports; education projects, etc…

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B/L; packing lists; certificates of origin; charter parties; survey reports, etc…

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Volunteer Work

Since November 2012 I have been carrying out the translation work for Dr. Armando Foundation (DAF). Webpage translation- www.fundaciondaf.org; book translation; legal documents; other documents.

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The road was not long. She felt alive. That was a PLACE TO FIND. She closed her eyes and breathed. She could still remember the lively nights she spent at the BIG BLACK HOLE. Was that a place for lost souls as told by the boys with a HEART OF STONE? She opened her eyes and thought “I DON’T KNOW.”  After all, those days when the LITTLE GREEN RED MAN was chasing her, was water under the bridge. She felt she was another person, like a QUEEN OF FIRE. Reborn from her ashes. The PRAY that man had taught her seemed to work. That guy, the one that wherever he went, he left a LOSING STAR.

She was no longer the SAD GIRL of the past. She now carries the SOUL IN MY BONES. Now she is, the WOMAN OF THE SEA.